Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The premoon part 1: First Class to Singapore

Who says you have to go on the Honeymoon after the wedding?  Certainly not me!  I'm all about breaking rules anyway.

I had a ton of air miles burning a hole in my pocket.  I was saving them up for a nice trip... somewhere exotic and far.. somewhere in business class. 

But in case you weren't aware, airlines are constantly devaluing their loyalty programs, making the miles worth less i.e. it cost more miles to get where you want to go.  Therefore I've been obsessively fretting the imminent value melt down of my miles and could not wait until after the wedding to take the trip of a lifetime.  So about nine months ago, I booked us 2 tickets to paradise (Bali and Thailand)...  in first class.

It was pretty fantastic.  On the outbound flight we each had our own suite,

with of course a lie flat bed, and even a private coat closet...

not to mention the Dom Perignon, lobster and caviar.

They gave us some cute jammies for the overnight flight.  We had no reservations about dressing down for dinner.

It's truly the way to travel in style.  We had access to several posh airport lounges and personal escort through immigration, to our gate or the lounge, sometimes even on a buggy!  Thanks Thai Airways.

Our routing to Bali was a bit weird because it's difficult to find availability in premium classes when booking with miles.  We first did a hop to Frankfurt, then to Bangkok, that's where the Thai first class came in, then to Singapore where we spent the night.  We stayed at the Conrad Centennial Singapore.  I, of course, had told them we were on our honeymoon, tee hee, and we had a nice surprise waiting for us in the room on arrival.

And a killer view

Good thing I'm not that afraid of heights.

That cake was to die for, btw, and we ate every last bit of it.

In the evening we explored a bit of what the city had to offer. 

We sampled some local street food

and of course the beer.

The next morning we had some time before our flight so we did the tourisy thing and went to the Singapore Orchid Gardens for a taste of the tropics.

This guy was out for a stroll as well.

Then we headed back to the airport for the next leg of our journey.

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