Saturday, December 1, 2012

Premoon part 3: Ubud

For the next part our our trip we moved to the famous inland village of Ubud.  It's become quite a tourist destination Julia Roberts spilled the secret in Eat Prey Love, but we still fell in love with it.

Especially the hotel.

This time we had our own pool.

And a stunning jungle view. From the terrace, as well as the bathroom.

Each morning we indulged in a tasty breakfast by the pool...

with another great view.

This time we stayed at Puri Wulandari, another package I booked on Luxury Link.

I really love luxury link.  Not only becasue you get lux hotels for less but because all the packages usually include something extra, like breakfast, or a massage, or a dinner, etc., etc.

If you book your first package don't forget to use this link when you sign up for $50 off.

Hard to believe, but now we felt even more spoiled.  The place was so secluded, we felt like we had the entire resort to ourselves (and one night we actually did)!

While in Ubud we finally mustered up the ambition to do some touristy things.  So we hired a driver and went to explore the island.  We of course started by visiting some of the many temples.

Then we took a trip to one of Bali's volcanoes.

We really didn't know what to expect, but when we got there we found a majestic crater with a lake and a few small villages and scattered farmland on the inside.

Our driver really wanted to take us to a typical tourist place for lunch but we resisted and drove down into the crater to explore.  We had a very fresh lunch (I think they killed a chicken for us) at a tiny little restaurant in someone's home.  It was delish!

After lunch we set off to explore further, and what did we find?  More temples of course...

One was located directly on the lake with spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and everyday village life.

After our tour of the volcano we had to make a stop at one of the rice paddies for the quintessential Bali shot.

On the next couple days we stayed pretty local to Ubud.  We paid a visit to the monkey forest,

where I made a new little friend.

No not him!

We relaxed in some local cafes,

saw a Balinese dance at another amazing temple, did some shopping, of course...

and then we managed to squeeze in a hike.

We were led by a local though the lush rice paddies and vegetation of the areas surrounding Ubud and given a tour of a typical Balinese home.

I really couldn't get enough of the rice paddies but we had to move on to the next adventure and the next island...


  1. always dreamed too see the rice fields in person..

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