Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Ibiza Wedding: Part 2 - The Villa

One of the cool things about deciding to have your wedding at a beautiful villa instead of a restaurant or similar venue, is that you get to spend an entire week in it.

Our villa was the perfect place to spend a week. In fact, I could easily spend my whole life there. It was gigantic... gorgeous... immaculately groomed, and completely secluded from other houses.

The best part? It also had an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. What more could you ask for?

Oh that's right, 10 of your closest friends to spend the week with you.

Closest friends without babies that is... sorry moms and pops... no babies allowed in the place where we spend our first night as a marred couple.

Oh yeah, and friends that like to cook.

Eric was always the man behind the BBQ.

My three very best girlfriends, also my bridesmaids, stayed at the villa with us.  They made sure I never had to lift a finger the entire week.  

Well except for when it came to having my nails done.

It was like living in heaven.

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