Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Honeymoon Island - Alone at last

When we woke up the morning after the wedding, the villa was already mostly cleaned up by the villa staff and the catering company, except for a pile of damp clothing they had found scattered around grounds.

You know you had a good party when you find a pile of random bras and undies the morning after...

We were truly exhausted from the week, and spent the day relaxing around the villa and enjoying the beautiful infinity pool and the perfect weather.

That evening, our friends prepared a huge dinner  at the villa.  It was great fun, but Stef and I were so tired from all the week's events that we could hardly keep our eyes open.
The next morning we reluctantly checked out of the villa and said goodbye to some of our friends.

We moved to Pikes Hotel for the night.

Pikes is one of my all-time favorite hotels on the island.  It is such a great place to chill out and relax.  The staff is laid back and there is always a great DJ by the pool on the weekends...

not to mention the fantastic cocktails.

We said goodbye to the rest of our friends and family and the next day we were ready to start our honeymoon.

For the Honeymoon we took the ferry over to Formentera.  Even though I had been to Ibiza several times, it was my first trip to Formentera.  I was super excited to experience this little sanctuary of an island.

We stayed at the famous Gecko Beach Club.

Gecko is right on Playa Migjorn beach.  It's a tranquil oasis of palm trees and sun beds, with a sparkling pool, and lovely views of the long stretch of sand and the turquoise sea.

We spent four days relaxing, exploring the island and enjoying the wonderful food that this tiny Mediterranean gem has to offer.

Formentera has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.  Including this one.. 

Playa de ses Illetes.

It's one of the most famous beaches in the world...

A white sand peninsula with crystal clear turquoise Mediterranean water on two sides... talk about a dream.

We never wanted to leave.

Formentera has a truly different vibe from Ibiza, and the vibe is all about relaxation.  It is nowhere near as busy and touristy as its big sister island.  It was great to make this transition after such a busy week and Stef and I both agreed that we can't wait to return as spend some more time there.


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