Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Ibiza Wedding: Part 4 - The Big Day

Well the big day finally arrived. 

I have to admit I was pretty nervous the whole week. I think I was even nervous about being nervous, if that makes any sense. I wasn't nervous about the marriage itself. I knew I had found the perfect sole mate. I was just nervous about the day. A year-and-a-half's worth of planning all culminating in this one day.

My 3 best friends, my bridesmaids, were luckily there with me and did everything they could to make me feel relaxed.  They made sure I ate something, which was pretty difficult, but worth it since dinner would not be until 7:00 pm.

I did feel pretty calm the morning of. I took it easy, relaxed, took a long shower, and prepped before string down with hair and makeup.

My make-up was done by my friend Shehla. She is a trained aesthetician and professional makeup artist and She is Amazing. I'm petty sure my face never looked as good as she made it look for my wedding day.

Photo by Ana Lui

Even though we started early it wasn't early enough. The hair ended up taking forever. Luckily Shehla is talented enough to do my makeup at the same time that my hair was being done, or we would have never made it in time. We actually were a bit late. But what bride shows up on time for her own wedding?

Photo by Ana Lui

Meanwhile the guys and the guests were arriving at the church.

To help keep the guests cool, the guys passed out some fans and vintage handkerchiefs that Stef and I had picked up during our travels.  I got handkerchiefs from my trip to Poland the previous summer, and some where kindly donated by my friend Erica from a market in California.  We brought the fans back from our trip to Bali and Thailand.

As soon as I got to the church an walked down the isle, I felt great. It was magical. I felt so calm and happy during the ceremony. I really thought I would cry my eyes out, but surprisingly it didn't happen. I did get a little choked up at times, but miraculously no tears!

I wore a gown by Elie Saab that I scored at the Pronovias sample sale at the flagship store in London.

I'm so in love with this dress, I can't even describe it. Oh how I wish I could wear it again!

After the ceremony we exited the church into a shower of petals and were served glasses of cava in the as we mingled with our guests and took some photos in the gorgeous church square.

We took off in an awesome vintage mustang for a few more snaps with the photographer while our guests were transported to the villa for the canopies and more cava in the garden.

More to come...
Update: I added a few photos from my photographer to help make the story more complete. Enjoy!

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