Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cocktails for the King

It's been a while since I threw a party.  So I decided it was about time.

Koningsnacht (Kings night) was the perfect opportunity.

Koningsnacht is the eve of the King of the Netherlands birthday which is Koningsdag - King's Day.

It's traditionally celebrated every year in the Netherlands as Queen's day - Koninginnedag.  But last year the thrown was abdicated by the queen to her son, Prince Willem Alexander.  So this year, was the country's first ever Kings Day.

Koninginnenacht is traditionally celebrated by big parties all over the city of the Hague, where I happen to live.  There are stages set up in all the city's big squares and there is live music, dancing and celebration to the early hours of the morning.

Oh yes and I almost forgot... everyone is wearing orange.

But I've been there and done that many times, so I wanted to have my own little get together.

So I threw together some snacks...

The salsa and guac were delicious recipes I got from "The Londoner's" blog.  The guac was really a big hit.

...and of course some cocktails.

And what party is complete without champagne?

My awesome friends brought over some gifts.

Speculoos liquor?  I didn't know it even existed. Anything with speculoos is good!

The cocktails were my own special recipe that I made with tea infused vodka.  

I called the Mo-tea-toes.  I'll share the recipe in a future post.

Happy King's Day everyone!


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