Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Sales - US edition

My favorite time of the year is approaching, and in some cases has already begun... Sale season! While I'm still anxiously awaiting the start of the sales in Paris... I had some fun shopping on the US websites while I was in the states.  The sales have been running for some time already there, but there's still plenty of deals.  Especially if you are into high-end items.  End-of-season sales are the best time to score some of the season's best fashion... like those Rockstuds I've been coveting all all year.

Here are my picks:

1.  1.A.P.C. striped crop top.  $94 - 30% off

2.  Alice+Olivia high waisted pleated shorts $132 - 40% off

3.  Valentino Rockstud flat sandal $447 - 40% off

4.  Erickson Beamon Aerin gold-plated Swarovski crystal drop earrings $186 - 60% off

5.  DVF Tallulah Silk Jersey Wrap Dress $218 - 51% off

6.  Chan Luu Leather and resin five wrap bracelet $88 - 60 % off

7.  Mulberry Suffolk Bag $1150 - 50% off

8.  Stella McCartney Falabella Flower-Print Crossbody Bag $693  - 33% off

9.  Lanvin Captoe Ballerina $417 - 30% off

I couldn't resist, at 50% off, I got the Suffolk bag in Ginger and I'm so in love with it.  It's my new favorite bag.

Happy Shopping!!


  1. I think the dress is the fifth fogroafii looks very attractive and deserves to be in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

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