Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Southern Bali

The peninsula at the southern end of the island of Bali is called the Bukit. Our time in this part of the island was a bit special because we stayed in our very own private villa. Well, mostly private. This small one bedroom villa was really the separate guesthouse of a much larger villa, but it can be rented out separately. The advantage is that we could have this entire little bungalow to ourselves and still make use of all of the services and staff from the larger villa.

We booked through Elite Havens and the villa we booked was Bulan Madu.

It was quite luxurious really. We had our own little bale, which is what they call those big covered Bali beds by the pool.

And speaking of pools, we had one of those as well. 

The villa was tastefully landscaped with gardens and walkways...


and even our very own little temple.

The staff prepared a full delicious breakfast each morning and was always there to assist with basically what ever else we wanted. One evening the chef prepared a dinner for us to enjoy on our patio.

The bathroom was a typical Balinese open air bathroom and shower, but this one was surrounded tiny fish ponds.

and included its very own little peeping tom.

While staying on the Bukit we visited some of Bali's famed beaches, such as Balangan Beach,

This was a super chill spot for relaxing in the sun, having a beer and enjoying the views.
My favorite was the stunning, cliff backed Uluwatu beach.

It was an excellent place place to watch some of Bali's fearless surfers. Or to go surfing if you are fearless yourself. Not a good place to go if you are a beginner, for sure.

There were quite a few people there.

but I managed to find my own little spot.

We sipped some beers on top of the cliff, as the sun set into the water, and I couldn't help daydreaming what it would be like to never leave.

We returned back to the villa to find another nice little honeymoon surprise.

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